Monday, 8 October 2012

Demo Reel 2012

"Planet Of The Senses"

Some renders from my final production at Media design School. 8 weeks work, from pre-production to post. Definitely one of the most fun (and productive) 8 weeks of my life. And the result - well, in spite of the obvious imperfections I'm still happy that I risked doing this ambitious project. I wanted to make this concept come to life, in this way or another, and I did. I keep working on it in between other exercises. Hopefully will turn it into an animation some day. If anyone is interested in a collaboration working on it - give me a shout! :)

Concept art

Planet of the Senses is a fantasy universe, a perfect world in which the 5 human senses live separately from the body as independent creatures. A hedonistic paradise, if u wish. They are partially organic, partially mechanical., and designed with the idea to give each of the “senses” the functionality that allows to enjoy the sense to the fullest.

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