Monday, 8 October 2012

Face modelling / Characters

Work in progress on the character modelling and blend shapes.

Demo Reel 2012

"Planet Of The Senses"

Some renders from my final production at Media design School. 8 weeks work, from pre-production to post. Definitely one of the most fun (and productive) 8 weeks of my life. And the result - well, in spite of the obvious imperfections I'm still happy that I risked doing this ambitious project. I wanted to make this concept come to life, in this way or another, and I did. I keep working on it in between other exercises. Hopefully will turn it into an animation some day. If anyone is interested in a collaboration working on it - give me a shout! :)

Concept art

Planet of the Senses is a fantasy universe, a perfect world in which the 5 human senses live separately from the body as independent creatures. A hedonistic paradise, if u wish. They are partially organic, partially mechanical., and designed with the idea to give each of the “senses” the functionality that allows to enjoy the sense to the fullest.

Environment concept

Created this for my friends' production - full cg short film “SHADOWS FOLLOW”. Was asked to come up with some basic ideas of a city environment for a film noir style scene. The city had to be futuristic yet run-down. Some sort of Kafka-esque utopian city ruled by a totalitarian dictator. So I combined some elements of the soviet classicism with some sort of Brooklyn Bridge. Had a lot of fun working on it - I created the basic geometry and lighting in Maya, then painted over the renders in Photoshop.

An idea for the "shadow empire"'s evil symbol 


Magic Potion 

My animation summative from Media Design School. "Sebastian" rig by Roger Feron

Jack and Jill went up the hill 

Storyboarding exercise 

Flower growing

An exercise on blendshapes.

Concept Art and Doodles

Hybrid Animals

I like to mix things that don't mix well at all. And that is the idea behind this hybrid animal concepts


Tattoo Bug concept

A concept of a tiny bug-like robot that is equipped with ink tanks and makes tattoos.

The Queen Of Salt

Character concept  - work in progress
An egg-headed queen that wears a salt cellar for a crown. This was my first attempt to create a 3D model from my own concept art, and the design had changed quite a bit along the way. 

Enchanted Forest

I did this digital painting when I just bought my Bamboo Wacom tablet. I love my Wacom!

Blast from the past

Guess I’ll just throw everything that isn't 3D in this section. Some works from the past as well as ongoing things.

These are some fo my watercolor, ink and pen drawings from different times. More of that stuff here:


Always liked making logos. Probably my favorite aspect of graphic design .


Back in the day when I did graphic design

Fictional product design. Created for my thesis in uni back when I was doing graphic design. Yes, you can get away with stuff like this doing graphic design in St.Petersburg state uni! J

The “headset” gun-phone was also part of a group exhibition “Little Things”at Proarte institute, St.Petersburg, Russia.